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Lucky Luna

Lucky Luna

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Luna Ramos has more cousins than she can count, and even though her mom says that makes her lucky, Luna knows that every time she gets in trouble—and she gets in trouble a lot—one of her primas is responsible.

But when mischievous Luna locks her know-it-all cousin Claudia in the bathroom at their cousin's quinceañera, Luna has no one to blame but herself. Her punishment? She's not allowed to wear hats for a whole month—which is a big deal because Luna's always been embarrassed by her hair, and hats make her feel more comfortable.

To make things even worse, Claudia is transferring to her school, and they're going to be in the same fifth grade class together. Now Claudia will have a chance to tattle on her even more than she already does! Luna's grandmother offers some sage advice, but since it's in Spanish, Luna gets it all wrong, and when the kids at school begin making fun of Claudia, Luna must decide what matters more: family or her reputation.

In this funny and page-turning story, award-winning author Diana López reminds us what it means to be a friend and a prima, and how to accept the things that make us truly unique.

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"Readers will find themselves chuckling at the situations Luna gets herself into and smiling at a satisfying ending."
   —School Library Journal

"López offers a sweetly poignant novel about learning to love your family."

Scholastic Press, hardcover, August 2018, ISBN: 978-1338232738