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Thanks for visiting my site! You've come to right place if you're looking for new friends. As my favorite dicho says, "los amigos mejores son libros," which means "books are your best friends." I truly believe this. Whenever I need company, I open a book and there they are—new friends, old friends, friends I love to hate, and friends I love to love.

Would you like to make some new friends, too? If so, take a minute to visit my books page. You can also browse my site to see my schedule for upcoming events, contact me for a school visit, or get information for class projects.

Los Monstruos: Felice and the Wailing Woman

Now available!

Los Monstruos: Felice and the Wailing Woman

The first in a series, Felice and the Wailing Woman brims with high stakes adventure, Mexican folklore, and a dash of magic that will have you staying up all night to finish reading. Diana López reframes lore with a positive feminist representation of the La Llorona myth, a perfect conversation starter for book clubs and classrooms.

When twelve-year old Felice learns that she's the daughter of La Llorona, she stows away and lands in the magical town of Tres Leches, where her mother is said to be haunting the river. Growing up with her uncle Clem in Corpus Christi, Felice knew that she had been rescued from drowning—it's where her intense fear of water comes from—but she had no idea her mother remained trapped between worlds, looking for her. Guided by the town's eccentric mayor, Felice vows to help her mother make peace with events that have turned her into the most famous monstruo of US-Mexico border lore. Along the way, she meets the children of other monstruos—like La Lechuza and The Dancing Devil—and together, they free Tres Leches from magical and metaphorical curses that have haunted them all for generations.

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Praise for Diana's books

"A fresh, feminist take on Mexican folktales rooted in family, belonging, and acceptance."
   —Kirkus Reviews, Starred review on Los Monstruos: Felice and the Wailing Woman

"This inspirational rags-to-riches biography... will inspire anyone who dreams of a career in performing arts."
   —School Library Journal, Starred review on Sing With Me: The Story of Selena Quintanilla

"A worthy, sparkling addition to the long list of Selena Quintanilla biographies."
   —Kirkus Reviews, Starred review on Sing With Me: The Story of Selena Quintanilla

"Readers will find themselves chuckling at the situations Luna gets herself into and smiling at a satisfying ending."
   —School Library Journal on Lucky Luna

"López offers a sweetly poignant novel about learning to love your family."
   —Booklist on Lucky Luna

"López weaves magic tricks . . . and healthy doses of humor into an upbeat coming-of-age story."
   —Publishers Weekly on Nothing Up My Sleeve

"A funny and heartfelt story about a girl dealing with the trials of middle school and her mother's breast cancer."
   —Kirkus on Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel

"Urgent and necessary, a realistic portrait about the pressures of belonging."
   —El Paso Times on Choke

"Employing lovely metaphors and realistic dialogue, Lopez delicately displays the power of optimism and innovation during difficult times."
   —Publishers Weekly on Confetti Girl